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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q. What does Moran Supply sell?
A. We sell plumbing fixtures, faucets, pipe, valves, fittings, and most everything related to plumbing.

Q. Do you sell Kohler products?
A. We have arguably the largest inventory of Kohler products in the East Bay and feel we have more Kohler product knowledge than any distributor in Northern California.

Q. Are you wholesale? Retail?
A. Our target customers are licensed plumbing contractors and general contractors. We do sell a substantial amount of material to homeowners, "do-it-yourselfers," and others. On the retail side of our business, we emphasize high quality faucets and fixtures and shy away from repair parts, faucet stems, etc. We feel hardware stores are better suited to assist people with less product knowledge.

Q. What's up with the crazy music-on-hold?
A. Whoever opens the doors at 6:30am selects the CD for our music-on-hold. The selections do not reflect the opinions of Moran Supply but rather the personal preference of the sleep-deprived individual who pulled the short straw.

Q. What do I do with positive or negative feedback?
A. Call us at 510/652-7437 or email us a sales@moransupply.com and title it "Feedback."